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PIP9.1 Type Particle Image Processor

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PIP9.1 Type Particle Image Processor

Ref: UK170675
PIP9.1 particle image processing instrument can independently determine the particle size distribution of powder/emulsion particles, and can also be used for auxiliary judgment analysis of other particle size test methods. It is the recommended instrument for the current diamond powder particle size measurement standard in China. The instrument is suitable for particle size measurement, morphology observation and roundness analysis of various powder particles such as abrasives, coatings, non-metallic minerals, chemical reagents and fillers, and can give different equivalent principles (such as equal area circle, equivalent) The particle size distribution of short diameter, etc., can directly observe the particle dispersion state, the approximate particle size range of the powder sample, whether there is a low content of large particles or small particles, etc., and quantitatively measure the shape index such as roundness and length to diameter ratio. Working principle: Combining modern electronic technology with microscopic method, taking a magnified image of the microscope with a camera. After the image signal enters the computer memory, the computer automatically analyzes and calculates the shape and granularity of the particle, and finally outputs a test report. Output items: particle size distribution table, particle size distribution curve, roundness distribution table, roundness distribution curve, average particle size, median diameter, boundary particle size, specific surface area, average roundness, roundness statistics, segmental average roundness, Typical particle pattern, etc.
1. The Olympus biological microscope imported from Japan is equipped with a 1.3 megapixel CMOS image sensor, and the image resolution is greatly improved.
2. Automatically scan the field of view to avoid repeated scans or missing scans, and the sampling is strong.
3. Automatically adjust the field of view illumination, auto focus, eliminating the manual adjustment steps, reducing the operation intensity and reducing the impact of human factors on the results.
4. Adopt USB2.0 data interface, which is more compatible with microcomputer.
5. Can save a single particle image.
6. Detailed roundness analysis function, see the test report example.
Technical Parameters:
1. Test range: 0.5-3000μm
2. Repeatability error: <3%

More details: PIP9.1 Type Particle Image Processor

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