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Third-party Content Syndication For B2B Marketing

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Third-party Content Syndication For B2B Marketing

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Third-party content syndication for B2B marketing

Larry Kim, founder of Wordstream and MobileMonkey states in his article, “Syndicating your content gets your blog posts (either the full article or a shortened version of it) in front of a different audience who otherwise would have never known it existed.”

Maximize your visibility using content syndication. And this would be specifically Inclining to Third-party Content Syndication in order to generate maximized inbound leads. These are the top 3 ways in which third-party content syndication of your existing content repository prove out to be your best content marketing strategy for generating the best possible inbound leads that will in turn garner an amplified sales funnel.

Brand Recognition - You meet your co-workers at work and you recognize them. You think of a phone and you think Apple/Samsung. Someone needs a ride home, you think of Uber. Why? Because you recognize the brand. So, let’s say you deliver a recruiting software that simplifies the sourcing and hiring processes. Now, when any HR professional faces a problem or difficulty while carrying out the hiring process, you want them to think of you, you want them to approach you. When you introduce your firm as a recruiting solution, you want the potential clients to recognize you from your content. And this will be possible only when your content is visible to them. Visible content leads to brand recognition and trust building which is facilitated by content syndication.

Distributed Audience – With an increase in the adoption of technology, it has become possible to gain access to products and services from across the globe. This also means that the organizations now have a chance to tap into foreign markets and convert international customers. With content syndication, your content will travel to internal waters, and distributed sets of populations will be able to interact with your content. For example, with content syndication you can ensure that German financial organizations that are interested in the AI technology will be displayed your content and assets to.

Content Travelling – Let’s say you have a fast food café and you are planning to offer a Buy 1 Get 1 offer on the coming Friday. You make pamphlets and E-leaflets and begin distributing the same. You publish the E-leaflet on your website, post it on social media, and distribute the pamphlets in the neighborhood. You will get customers. But, if you syndicate your E-leaflet and host it on the other websites that already have a ton of traffic, you will be able to facilitate traffic sharing. Your content will travel far and wide and ultimately land into the hands of your accurate targeted audience. For example, book store near you café has a ton of visitors on its website, and if they agree to syndicate your E-leaflet on their site, their audience will become your audience as the content travels from your website to theirs. You can also repurpose your content so that it can travel farther.

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