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How To Promote Your MLM Productswithout Spending A Bomb

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How To Promote Your MLM Productswithout Spending A Bomb

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Who says marketing your MLM products costs a bomb? If you know the right low cost tools and use them effectively, you can still see great results and see your business flourish.
Having a good product or an excellent MLM business plan is not enough to sell your products or to build a huge MLM network. It is important for you to promote it in the right way, at the right place and to the right people.
Contrary to what most people believe, you don’t necessarily need a big budget to market your products. There are some inexpensive and even free tools at your disposal, both online and offline that can help you market your business and products effectively. They are:
Flyers – newsletters – videos
This is an underrated but highly effective way of promoting your MLM products or business. Selling more products to your existing base of customers is an effective way to increase your sales and build a strong base of loyal customers who stop looking for better products from the market as they are satisfied with what you have to offer. Marketing in print and TV media is very expensive, and if you come to think of it, it’s not even required for customers who are already using your products.
Just sending flyers and newsletters regularly about the new products, schemes, incentives and offers to such customers is enough to lure them to try products that they are not using or use those in greater quantities. This lets your customers know that they are valued, promotes your products and increases your sales. Sending links of videos is another way of letting them know about interesting ways to remain updated with the latest trends in the market.
Seminars/ lectures on generic topics
A big challenge that many MLM companies face today is that despite of social media and internet, there are millions of people in the developed world who are still unaware or skeptical about MLM business plans and its products. The reason is that there are many people who have never been introduced to these business opportunities online and/or offline. Getting these people online is difficult, but it is possible to have them listen to what we have to say at community gatherings.
In places where you feel that your MLM business plans will have good traction, you can organize seminars on generic topics like personal finance and investing. From there on, move to talking about financial independence and MLM income calculators. These seminars/ networking sessions are subtle techniques to reel in prospects who are aligned to your broader goals of financial freedom.
Blogging is one of the best ways to promote yourself as an industry expert and also one of the most cost effective ways to promote your products and MLM business plans. You should write blogs that help your target group in finding answers to their pain points and connecting with the right sources to help them in any other way. You should aim to position yourself as the go-to person for all queries related to the MLM industry. This will make people seek your opinion or your stamp of approval for every decision that they wish to make with respect to an MLM business. Due to your new found celebrity status, it is easier to attract attention, leads and many hot prospects by just writing articles on relevant topics every week. This is an easier way to sign on prospects who will actually need very little persuasion to sign on.
Social media
Social media is one of the fastest growing media in the world. A huge chunk of people are now turning to it for all personal and professional reasons. Social media lets people stay connected and updated with all that is happening in the world. By being active on social media and sharing relevant posts online, you are keeping your audience engaged with relevant information about the your business and products.
You need to have a well planned strategy for it as each medium like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. appeals to a different set of people. Having a well thought out plan is necessary as social media users are often considered hyper active online and not having a well defined message or communication can result in your efforts getting lost in the cacophony of the vast amount of data. One major reason for social media’s popularity is that it may soon overtake traditional media and your message can easily transcend geographies with less effort and money.
Promotions and marketing are extremely important aspects of any business, but there are no set rules for marketing your products. History has shown that many companies have grown into multinational behemoths with shoe string budgets, so there is no reason why innovative marketing and promotional solutions cannot help you do the same.

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